French Club Goes to French Film Festival


Leslie Espinoza, Reporter, Editor

On September 26th , French Club went on a field trip to Hollywood to go to the French Film Festival. French film “In Your Hands” was shown to many students from different schools in the theater including a QnA with the director and writer of the film Ludovic Bernard. 

The main character of the film is Mathieu Malinski who is a young man that loves to play piano. Although he is passionate about piano, he doubts himself after he believes his mom doesn’t approve of him playing. 

Mathieu was seen playing at a subway station by an older man and offers Mathieu to enter an international competition, he questions himself if he’s even good enough to call himself a professional to participate in the competition. 

Throughout the movie he was confused and dealt with hardships, such as his little brother having a concussion. His feelings built up, which made it key to winning the competition. 

The movie ends with him winning the competition due to his performance in front of the judges. He played with so much emotion that it caught many people’s attention. After he victory, he was known as a professional pianist and performed for larger audiences. 

After the film, everyone was able to ask the writer of the film questions. He was asked how he came up with the idea and how he felt for music. He also plans to write another movie that includes music again.