Chino High’s Homecoming Change this Year

Leslie Espinoza, Editor

This year‘s Homecoming will be a little different from the previous years, as it will involve all grade levels and will be including a pregame parade before the start of the Homecoming game.  

During summer, Chino High School ASB students decided it was time for a change. ASB student Juliet Ramirez pushed for the idea to have 9-11 grade students to be included in Homecoming this year. 

Juliet Ramirez said, “The changes to court were actually an idea I brought up to Ms. Norman over summer. We discussed it and thought it would be a good way to include all the grade levels.” 

The Homecoming dance will be on the 21st and will be 80’s themed. The Homecoming game will have a pregame parade and will include the 9-11 prince and princesses. The Homecoming game will be on the 27th and the announcement of the senior king and queen is at the half time show around 8:15pm.  

Ramirez explained that this change will be better bringing everyone together. “Homecoming is a community/school event so the more people, the merrier.” 

Freshman student, Daniel Cuevas said, “I like the new change.” 

 Sophomore student, Gabriel Esparza said, “It’s cool. I guess, so other grades don’t feel left out.” 

Junior student, Markus Nguyen said, “I think it’s a better thing to get other classes involved.” 

Senior student, Alberto Villasenor said, “I think it’s a good idea to have princesses and princes so all classes could be included and not be left out.” 

Each grade level has a positive opinion about the change. It’s something hopefully we will see continue throughout the years, such as people encouraging others to go the dance. 

Ramirez said, “It’s very likely that it will be something from now on. It kind of depends on how it all plays out. Overall, we just want everyone to have fun and make memories. Including more people definitely promotes that.” 

“The votes will be calculated on the 5-star app prior to the amp rally in the quad on September 26 for fresh-junior court and prior to the football game on September 27 for senior court”, said Ramirez.