Poll Questions:Did you go to last Friday’s football game? If so, what was your favorite part of the game?

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“Yes, it was so fun. My favorite part was winning.” 

Allison Gutierrez 













“Yes, I did. My favorite part of the game was when everyone was tackling each other” 

Maya Cuevas 











“Yes, I did attendmy favorite part about the game was all the chants and school spirt that was going on 

   in cowboy country.”  

       Valerie Guitterez 









Yes I did go. My favorite part was seeing how much school spirit we have!” 

Leslie Diaz 










No I didn’t attend because I had already made plans to see my dad.”  

Cecilia Banuelos 












Yes last week, my favorite part was performing with the band.” 

Adrian Lepe 













Yes I was at the football game. My favorite part was looking up into the stands while performing and seeing everyone watch us.” 

Bianca Chavez 











Yes I did goMy favorite part of the game was that we got the dub.” 

         John Baez 










Yes I did go. My favorite part was that all of the touchdowns we made.” 

         Thomas Salas 













Yes I did go. My favorite part was when Issac ran back 96 yard touchdown.” 

     Gianni Montebellamo 










Yes I did go. My favorite part of the game was when we scored a touchdown.”  

          Ignacio Moreno