Poll Questions:Did you go to last Friday’s football game? If so, what was your favorite part of the game?

“Yes, it was so fun. My favorite part was winning.” 

Allison Gutierrez 













“Yes, I did. My favorite part of the game was when everyone was tackling each other” 

Maya Cuevas 











“Yes, I did attendmy favorite part about the game was all the chants and school spirt that was going on 

   in cowboy country.”  

       Valerie Guitterez 









Yes I did go. My favorite part was seeing how much school spirit we have!” 

Leslie Diaz 










No I didn’t attend because I had already made plans to see my dad.”  

Cecilia Banuelos 












Yes last week, my favorite part was performing with the band.” 

Adrian Lepe 













Yes I was at the football game. My favorite part was looking up into the stands while performing and seeing everyone watch us.” 

Bianca Chavez 











Yes I did goMy favorite part of the game was that we got the dub.” 

         John Baez 










Yes I did go. My favorite part was that all of the touchdowns we made.” 

         Thomas Salas 













Yes I did go. My favorite part was when Issac ran back 96 yard touchdown.” 

     Gianni Montebellamo 










Yes I did go. My favorite part of the game was when we scored a touchdown.”  

          Ignacio Moreno