Power106 Challenge CHS Staff to a Friendly Basketball Game

Yareli Gomez and Jesus Garcia

On April 18, Chino High School hosted a Basketball game against radio station Power106, in the gym. The purpose of the game was to promote the station and to entertain CHS students and families. 

At 6:30 in the afternoon, students, staff, and all attendees arrived for the game, which started at 7:30 and ended around 9:00.  

Students from chino high school were informed about the game by their fellow peers who are involved in ASB and Basketball, they were handing out discount flyers. For the first 200 people to show up Carl’s Jr provided them with free food. 

The two teams consisted of the CHS staff and the Power106 staff. The Power106 team had the height advantage with their tallest player being 7’2, who was their strong point on the playing field. The game consisted of three quarters rather than the official four quarters of a regulation basketball game.  

The first quarter began and ended so swiftly with the score ending at 12 to 13, Power106 had the lead. Both teams were just settling into the game and trying to feel their momentum. Chino had to maintain the score difference and not be left behind the opposing team.  

The second quarter went underway and Chino struggled this time and were losing their momentum. The buzzer rang at the end of the period with the score set up 35 to 45. Chino high was down by 10 points, but not to worry: although they were down by 10 points, their spirit didn’t falter for they weren’t going to go down without a fight.  

The final quarter began, and Chino High had their eyes full of hunger for the win, but so did the Power106 they weren’t going to give away their lead that easily. Chino tried with all their might to catch up and overcome the point difference but failed to prevail. 

 As the final buzzer rang. The final score was 65 to 83. The Power106 team overwhelmed the Chino high staff, but the spectators were proud of the teams efforts to try and win the game. Everyone clapped and cheered for the two team’s efforts as they walked off the court.