CHS Finally Gets A New Look After 50 Years


Ronnie Gutierrez, Jesus Garcia, Yareli Gomez, Leslie Espinoza, and Sofia Vallejo

CHS administration has altered its plan and will now construct the two new classroom buildings at the same time. The previous plan would have seen the classroom buildings built one at a time. 

Mr. Gordon Woods, AP Psychology and history teacher now in room 56, was the first “refugee” of teachers being moved for the construction. Woods was located in the back of Chino High before he moved. Woods arrived at Chino High School in 1989 and has witnessed the many memories that have been built in the building. “I am in favor of the construction because this old gal needs to be knocked down and they need to build you guys a new school,” said Woods about the construction. 

Some staff have already been affected by the construction. A couple of teachers had to adjust their schedules for the next couple of years. Mr. Daniel Cahill for example had to move his entire classroom from one area to another. He had to move all his art supplies into a storage classroom because the weight room is going to be in Mr. Cahill and Lerma’s old classrooms because of the proximity, flooring, and size. 

Cahill described his old room as “a real art room with sinks unlike this room.” He added, We have to tolerate the construction, it’s nasty, it’s annoying, but it is necessary to build a nice new school.” 

“The agricultural area is going to be demolished this June,” said Principle John Miller.  Once the parking area goes away staff will have to park in the front staff parking lot or in the math wing staff parking lot. 

Classes impacted by the change in plans will be moved to currently empty classrooms beginning next fall. Administration plans on keeping classrooms in the same locations the entire time of construction to avoid having to add portable classrooms.  

The impact on the students is one of the biggest unknown issues for them. 

“I like the new construction because then when or if I graduate, I will have been in the new school,” said Carlos Dominic Rodriguez. “I don’t think the construction noises will affect me because most of the work they’re doing is far from my classes and will be completed during the summer.” 

 The Administration and a second row of classrooms are the first building that is going to be built and it is planned tbe open in 2021. Almost all construction will be complete in the 2023-2024 time-frame. 

The new plan for phase one is to construct five buildings at once, and as phase one is finishing phase two will start. The new school will be populated at the end of phase one. 

 Construction will be happening during and after school, even on holidays. 

Hector Mendoza told The Lariat “I feel like it’s going to suck because I’m not going to be able to see the new school and it might get in the way of me traveling from point A to point B. Is the noise going to distract me? Probably not, I don’t get easily distracted.” 

In terms of emergency drills, there may have to be multiple evacuation sites depending on how many students can fit on the football field. The first evacuation drill is going to take everyone around the bleachers and onto the football field. 

Miller explained, “The design of the new buildings is more with student safety and 21st century problems [in mind]. The new school is going to be built with only several ingresses and egress locations making it easier for our existing staff to monitor those in the morning with who is coming in and out.”