CAASPP Testing Battles with Technology


Sofia Vallejo, Entertainment Editor

All juniors started CAASPP testing April 10 and the two-week process was accomplished on laptops.

CAASPP testing stands for California Assessment of Student Performance or Progress and is done every year. Seniors who did not take the science portion of the test their junior year, also took it. Test takers who had the morning schedule, periods one and two, could not leave until dismissal. Students who took it in the afternoon, periods five and six, could leave and go to their sixth once they are done. Students who do not have a sixth can go home.

Juniors who took the test had many problems with the Dell laptops. Many complained that they were slow and did not work with the CAASPP browser. The juniors we interviewed however, prefer the laptops over scantrons for testing any day saying It is more useful and organized.

“The CAASPP browser wasn’t supported by our computers, the problem wasn’t resolved until district administrators restarted our computers multiple times,” said Richard Becerra about his CAASPP testing session in the computer lab he was in.

“The reward was really reassuring because it provided motivation from the staff. There is so much pressure on these tests since a lot of colleges are looking at these scores, so it’s reassuring that if we do well, our work will be celebrated,” said Miguel Contreras about a reward Principal Miller promised for the juniors.

In order to motivate the juniors and encourage them to do well, Miller promised a beach trip for the juniors their senior year and early dismissal to lunch on specific dates if they raised their eight grade scores by 20 points. However, Miller did not specify if all juniors go or just the students who reached that goal. As a result, this did motivate students to do better and drove them in a way for the reward.