This Years Summit Challenges its Participants


Jesus Garcia, Opinion Editor

    On April 5, 2019, Chino High School’s Economics class had to compete against one another to achieve their goals and get the highest grade from this task.

CHS students in Mr. Shuman’s and Mr. Filarski’s Economics class were assigned to one of the many countries that were involved in this year’s Summit. The students were put into groups of four and were given a country. The main goal of Summit was to improve the overall living standards of their country.

During class students were given multiple worksheets and homework assignments that would help them understand many of the principles that come with Summit. Here are a few of these many principles that they had to figure out, their country’s GDPimports, exports, and literacy rate. 

Students also had to prepare a poster board containing their country’s flag, maps, and facts. Students needed to create their country’s traditional food and dress up in their traditional clothing. Many students were stressed and nervous, but may were able to over come their obstacles.

Senior, Antonio Garcia, who participated in this years Summit had a few things to say during our interview, “I believe summit was a lot easier than I expected, but the hardest thing for our country was that we didn’t have many exports to offer but still reaching our import goal was our highest achievement. My team’s motivation to win was not taking the finial at the end of the semester. Our overall advantage as a country was our energy production that we had to offer being a D-3 country. With all these attributes we were able to win from our class but got 5th place overall”

This concluded this years Summit, a well job done by all participants who tried their best to achieve a high score to win.