A Majestic Senior Prom


Ronnie Gutierrez, Photo Editor

On April 8th, Senior Prom tickets went on sale. They cost $90, with the exception of having an ASB card which lowers the price to $85 and will go up by $10 every week while they remain on sale.

Students will need a dance contract from the Activities office in order to buy a ticket. They will also nee d a parent signature agreeing to the contract and will need a signature from a staff member working at the library saying you have no library fines. If Students have fines they will not be able to buy a ticket until they have paid off all library fees.

The contract list rules for attending prom, although the rules are pretty standard. The dress code, basically saying that students cannot show too much skin, and that applies to the guys too as they cannot take their off shirts at any time during prom. 

There is to be no smoking or drinking and law enforcement will be present with breathalyzers. There are some rules students may not be familiar withGuests attending prom, cannot be over 19, and may not be in Junior High.

This is the last prom for seniors, so remember to be smart during prom and be safe at all times, even while drving home.