Poll 7: Spring Break

Question: Did you enjoy your spring break? 

Follow-up: Why did you enjoy it/not? 

“Yes, I did enjoy my spring break because I got a lot of rest that I needed because of the stress from school.”-Darlene Santivanez
“Yes, I enjoyed my spring break because I got to relax, hangout with my friends, and I didn’t have to worry about school or homework, I just had fun.”-Daelene Rivera
“No, I didn’t enjoy my spring break because I had to work most of the time.”-Miguel Regalado
“Uh yeah, because I played baseball and basketball, hung out with friends, went bowling, and got to play foot golf with some of my baseball buddies.’-David Delgado
“I just hung out with my friends, went shopping and partied a little. Yes, I had a lot of fun it just was over too quick.”-Marisol Banda
“Nothing, I’ve just been lazy just played video games and hung out with family, yeah I enjoyed it very well. It could’ve been way better but like you know it was still fun.”-Jaylen Gilbert
“Uh work and a lot of sleeping, I also visited my mom who has cancer so that was good, I enjoyed my spring break yes.”-Mrs. Kneip
“For Spring Break we went to the beach. Yes, we enjoyed it.” – Judy Mora and Lilly Suarez
“I slept in, went out with a good friend I have not seen in a long time. Yes I enjoyed it. – Ms. Hall
“The same day spring break started we had a competition for percussion Saturday and Sunday and the next weekend again. I went to Disneyland where we all messed around but got work and homework done. I also spent time with my second family. Yeah I enjoyed it.” – Vanessa Magdaleno