Yearbook Explains Senior Personality Voting Process

Ronnie Gutierrez, Photo Editor

Recently, seniors were able to vote for their favorite classmates on subjects like class-clown, best eyes, and such. By Friday, Year book club will add their photos to the yearbook of 2019.  

Mrs. Lerma, Chino High’s yearbook leader had this to say about the class personalities. “Its traditional: we do a senior personality vote and the seniors in yearbook get to pick 12 categories to vote,” said Yearbook Advisor Breanne Lerma. So, this year, they picked the personalities and opened it to all seniors on ‘5-Star Students’ which is the website they use for prom and everything. We posted our marketing and got seniors to promote it to their friends. 

When they got online, they use their school ID, and they nominate any senior.” continued Lerma. The next part we picked the top five of that nomination. Those five went to the final five, and we vote again with the top five in their category. So, whoever won got to be the senior personality, although, only one senior could be voted in one category.” Lerma explained 

We did have some kids that got two or three, so it goes to the runner up. We go by how many votes they have, so if they got picked for best athlete and best eyes, we pick the one that got more votes. 

The Senior Class Personality vote is a great and fun way to have a friendly contest between your classmates. It also is a creative way to boost that cowboy spirit.