Students Share Spring Sports Rally Criticism


Folklorico After Their Performance

Leslie Espinoza, Managing Editor

On March 15th, Chino High held their Spring Sports Rally introducing baseball, softball, tennis, and track. Did this rally impress students more than the previous rally’s? 


Students had different views on the rally. Some thought thrally was alright or not so good based on if they found it entertaining. 


I did not enjoy the rally because it was just bad. They have the same everything. I could’ve been using that hour to sleep, and I found it cringey. This one wasn’t so bad, but they are usually more cringey, but it was still bad though I would like there to be less rally’s”, said Richard Prieto. 


“My favorite part of the rally was the rap battle between the teachers. I liked it; it was alright. I would like more night rally’s. No more day rally’s. I lose sleep and I was late today”, said Jair Terriquez. 


The lip sync battle between the staff entertained many of the students, it was liked and favorited by many students. 


“My favorite part of the rally was the dance battle. I enjoyed the rally and I hope people who will come to Chino High enjoy the school’s rally’s”, said Elise Padilla. 


I didn’t really enjoy the rally, but my favorite part was the class chants. I want to see more school spirit in the future”, said John Cordeiro. Overall Chino’s rally was entertaining to some people, but others were not amused or satisfied at all. 

John Cordeirio