Chino High School’s AVID, Three Day Trip


Jesus Garcia, Opinion Editor

  On March 10th-13th, thirtyseven Juniors from AVID, LJPS, ASB, and the basketball teams, took a trip to visit seven colleges., The colleges included Cal Poly SLO, Stanford, CSUSF, UC Berkeley, CSU Maritime, UC Davis, and UC Merced. The college tour was chaperoned by Rhonda Reid, Johnathan Davis, and Jasmine Norman, all CHS staff members.

 Daelene Rivera, CHS Junior, answered questions about the trip: Q: What was the purpose of the trip? A: “The purpose of the trip was to visit colleges in Northern California and discover the different opportunities those colleges offered.” Q: What did the students do at the colleges? A: “At the colleges we took tours of the campuses and learned about the different programs, how and what is needed to get accepted & why the college is appealing.” Q: Which college did you like the most? A: “I like San Francisco State University the best because it was much more relaxed than the other colleges without losing its academic appeal, and it had many majors I was interested in that other colleges didn’t.” Q: Where did the students stay during the three-day trip? A: “We stayed in the Hampton Inn all 3 nights, first in Santa Cruz and then San Fransisco.” Q: What did you experience during the trip? A: “Throughout the trip I didn’t only get to see colleges but also the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, The Golden Gate Bridge and Pier 39, which were all very fun experiences where I made lasting memories with my friends.

Golden Gate Bridge
Santa Cruz Beach BoardWalk