Solange “When I Get Home” Album Review


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – OCTOBER 29: Solange Knowles arrives at the H&M Sydney Flagship Store VIP Party on October 29, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Sullivan/WireImage)

Sofia Vallejo, Entertainment Editor

Solange’s fourth studio album, When I Get Home” was released on February 28 and everyone could not wait to get home to listen to it.

This indie R&B album has 19 songs, however, only 13 are full songs as the rest are interludes and filler. The sound of the album is soft with smooth beats that compliment her soulful and quirky voice. The transition from song to song flowed and mixed well only because many of the songs sounded the same.

As for the lyrics, there are many repetitions throughout the songs most notably, Things I Imagine and others as well. The repetition makes the album lose its creativity. This album has potential: she just needs to express more of her creative mind.

Compared to her prior albums, Solange has grown in some areas but seems to have mellowed in sound. Her third studio album, which was a big hit, had more of her personality, and had a variation of melodies unlike this one. “when I  has similarities to Erykah Badu and Sabrina Claudio.

If you like slow albums and music you can vibe to, then this album is for you. As for me the only song I really liked was ‘Stay Flo’ because it was playful and differentiated from the rest of the album. Solange needs to show more as an artist and experiment with her sound.