New Fighter Game: Jump Force Review

Jesus Garcia, Opinion Editor

Jump Force” is a highly anticipated cross over fighter anime game, developed by Spike Chunsoft and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, featuring characters from various manga series featured in Shueisha’s weekly Shōnen jump.

Before jumping into the game, players can build their character as they see fit with some premade faces, hairstyles, eyes, and so on. Players may like this because it lets players create their character faster and it allows players to jump straight into the game.

There are downsides to the game that might bother many such as the fact that it isn’t English dub, and that some characters have no audio when they interact with each other: Ryuk from death note has no voice at all, despite everyone else in scenes talking and responding to him.

Jump Force’s combat is a lot of flashy and simple fun. Matches are 3v3 with a two-button combat system made up of heavy and light attacks. Players get four special moves for each character and they all share the same life bar which some players might not enjoy. The stunning visuals help make the game better because while fighting, players can enjoy their special attacks and combat skills that are enhanced through the amazing graphics. Making the game visually pleasing.

If you’re into anime and fighter games, then you should try Jump Forceas long as you don’t mind the English subtitles. It’s a great game. The only problem is that the story feels rushed and unpolished, but the fighting in the game outweighs the story.