School Lunch Review


Leslie Espinoza, Managing Editor

Many people do not like school lunches, including me, because they are “too healthy.” People have a pointschool lunches aren’t how they used to be when they would give you ice cream and chicken nuggets for luncheven chips sometimes.

These days schools give you the same healthy things over and over again, which taste disgusting. They also have little low variety to pick from. It’s always yogurt, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and chicken sandwich every week.

I get tired of always eating the same things to the point that some days I don’t even feel like eating, and others agree with me. School lunches aren’t very good here at Chino High, unlike Chino Hills where students say they have better pizza that isn’t meant to be healthier, and they also have burgers and hot dogs. People might say its current lunches are better than what use to be served because it was so unhealthy, but even if it was unhealthier, it did taste better. I’d rather eat something I like than to barely eat anything because I don’t like it.

I would like a change in school lunches to include more variety of food and food that isn’t switched up to look healthy like the pizza they serve. Some would say to bring your own food, and I might just do that, and I suggest others to do the same as well.