Poll 6: Do you like school lunch?

Do you like school lunch? 

Follow-up question: 

Do you get school lunch or bring lunch from home?

“The school lunches are pretty trash they should have more vegan options. I get my lunch from home.”-Kaitlyn Bozigian


“It’s alright could be better. I mostly get my lunch from school.”-Jonah Silva
“It’s okay. I get my lunch from school.”- Jasmine Te
“I do not like the school lunch, I get lunch from home.”-Nico Laurente
“School lunch? I like it, but only certain meals though. I mostly bring lunch from home or fast food.”-Isaiah Hill
“I think its ok, I get school lunch.”-Ronnie Martinez
“No, I think its trash. I bring my own lunch.”-James Covarruvias
“Yeah its ok and I bring lunch but on days I can’t I buy lunch,”-Victoria Vasquez
“Ok so my opinion on school lunch they help you take a break and get your energy before going to 5 and 6 period, I do like the school lunch but I only eat the fruit.”-Kimberly Gonzalez
“I do not like school lunch, I bring lunch from home.”- Chenielle Dauz
“No, because it doesn’t taste like regular food. Neither.”- Rebecca Diaz