Elizabeth Chamoun: LLS’s Student of the Year


Elizabeth Chamoun

Ronnie Gutierrez, Photo Editor

This year, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is offering a leadership program to high school students in the Inland Empire and Orange County area. Students raise money for LLS for seven weeks, and the student with the highest amount raised is titled the Student of the Year.  

Elizabeth Chamoun is one of our very own Chino High students and she is nominated to be Student of the Year by LLS. For those who don’t know The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is the largest funder of cancer fighting technology, they have also had multiple breakthroughs with revolutionary treatments. They have invested $1.2 billion into cancer research, and the number continues to rise even more. The Lariat interviewed Chamoun about how she plans to impact the fight against cancer. 

“I plan to impact the fight against cancer by spreading awareness for the different types of cancers that can affect a variety of people at all ages. Hopefully this will allow people to see the importance of donations and sponsorships which can allow research to be conducted. This will help fight cancer by allowing new medicines to be produced and hopefully even a cure. It is important that people can appropriately be educated about the topic of different types of cancer and how anyone can make an impact to fight against cancer.”  

The Lariat then asked her how LLS is important to her and how is it unique from any other organizations, Chamoun said “LLS is important to me because although it is hard for me to recall my childhood struggle with Thalassemia which can turn into leukemia, since I was so little, my parents can vividly remember all of the scary details. When I was two years old, I had a near death experience when the oxygen blood levels were so low causing my already existent pulmonary issues to worsen. It took some time, but I eventually recovered but that wouldn’t be the end of it for my family.  

Shortly after, my Great Grandma passed away from a form of leukemia as well as my Papa whose medical issues were all complicated by a platelet disorder, my older sister has aplastic anemia, thrombocytopenia and epilepsy. Also, all the members of my immediate family are silent carriers of thalassemia.  

LLS has helped advance 19 out of 21 blood cancer treatments approved by the FDA. They help patients and families by improving their quality of life even if it may be helping with a certain bill or helping for their medical treatment. LLS continues to raise money and awareness to help patients and their families by introducing various treatments and eventually by finding a cure.” 

Elizabeth Chamoun and LLS are both doing great work, but you can help also. You can volunteer and donate to help fight cancer. You can learn more by visiting their website at https://www.lls.org and calling their number (888) 557-7177.  

Elizabeth Chamoun