CVUSD’s District Festival of the Arts Reflects the Importance of Art


Sofia Vallejo, Entertainment Editor

CVUSD displayed student’s masterpieces at their annual District Festival of the Arts at Magnolia Junior High School February 26 and 27. The festival is a reminder why art should be a valued subject. 

This year’s festival included various artwork from different schools across the Chino Valley district, a flower art display, and performances by Chino High School’s Folklorico, Magnolia Jr. High’s band, and Ayala’s dance team. There were paintings, ceramics, sculptures, and various other forms of art.  

There were many smiles of proud parents and kids last night which reminds reflects the important of art. Many parents attended the event admiring their children’s impressive artwork. Art is such an amazing ability that helps creativity, yet it is seen as an irrelevant subject. 

Students who displayed their artwork were proud of themselves. The District Festival of the Arts showcases the capability and creative minds of our talented students who loved seeing the reactions that their artwork caused. 

“I loved that people appreciated what I was doing, and my favorite thing in the world is the look of joy or admiration people have when they view my art,” said Breana Alonzo who had several art pieces in the show and describing why she works hard in her artistic abilities. 

Breana Alonzo