Credit Recovery Sessions Ending Soon


Jesus Garcia, Opinion Editor

On February 12, at Chino High School, another session of credit recovery began. With there only being a total of four sessions throughout the school year, CHS is now beginning the third session. 

Credit recovery is an after-school program that is provided to the students who have failed classes and are now missing credits. Students may also take credit recovery if they passed a class with a low grade and wanted to get a better grade on their transcript.  

There are two different courses a traditional course, where you stay after school in a class room. The second course is an online course where you take the class you failed online. Both courses last for 5 weeks and they are to be served only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

The subjects that are available for both courses are English, Math, Biology, Science, and History. Students must attend the first day of credit recovery session or else they will be automatically dropped from the course. Students may only miss a maximum of two days before being dropped from the course.  

At credit recovery, students are to sign in when arriving and are to receive their work for the class they are taking. Students are given a packet and depending on what class he/she is making up, they may only work on the packet, or they may work on both the packet and book work.

Once done with completing the packet, the students then take a test on the subject to finish the course. The students will either pass or fail credit recovery depending on what grade they earn from the test and the grade they receive from the sections in the packet.