Workshops on Mental Health

Ronnie Gutierrez, Photo Editor

Club Hope is currently hosting a series of workshops focusing on mental health and awareness of topics such as safe dating and bully prevention. Sessions will be held every Tuesday from February 12th to March 12th from 2:30 – 3:30 in the MPR. 

The workshops consist of: 

  • February 12th Healthy Connections, with Lucia Gibbs  
  • February 19th Safe Dates, with Project Sister and Peer Leaders  
  •  February 26th Unity Circles, Kathy Deal & Empathy, With Lucia Gibbs 
  • March 5th Bully Prevention, with Peer Leaders  
  • March 12th Stress Relief Through Yoga, with Melanie Kent  

All these workshops are helping students understanding mental awareness in getting help if needed. Students can even receive a certificate by attending all five workshops, and some teachers give extra credit for attending. 

Club Hope and The Link Crew have found a very deep and interactive way to explore mental health in positive ways. Overall, Club Hope has partnered with Link Crew to give you the most comforting and informational experience for mental health awareness.