Cowboys Have A Week Full Of Kindness


Yareli Gomez, Editor-in-chief

Chino spreads kindness in the air by having a spirit week from February 12th – 15th .  

-Tuesday 2/12, Associate Student Body (ASB) had a poster out in the quad for everyone to write something nice such as a positive comment or note, and/or a compliment to another person.

-Wednesday 2/13, there were free Valentine’s grams being given out to students and staff in the activity’s office. 

-Thursday 2/14, Hershey’s Kisses were being given out during lunch to everyone that wanted one and deserved one, the Hershey’s Kisses contained notes from the person that handed it to them.

-Friday 2/15, everyone was welcomed to wear kindness clothespins to close out a wonderful week full of kindness from CHS