Grad Night Tickets on Sale for Universal Studios


Sofia Vallejo, Entertainment Editor

Grad Night Tickets to Universal Studios are being sold at the student store on February 27th, and 28th during lunch or after school to seniors only!

The graduating class of 2019 will have Grad Night on May 30. Tickets cost $120 and will only be accepted in cash. They can only be purchased by filling out a permission slip from the counseling office, bringing your student ID, and having a 2.0 GPA.

While many seniors are excited for the upcoming event, others are disappointed at the amusement park choice. When asked which amusement park they would prefer a majority said Disneyland because there are more rides to go on.

“I wish it was Disneyland. Disneyland is better but it’ll still be fun at Universal,” says senior, Taylor Sanchez.

All seniors attending Grad Night must ride the school’s bus to and from, they cannot take their own method of transportation. There will be a dress code and mandatory searches at the event. The bus will return to CHS at 3 A.M., and if a student misses the bus a parent must pick up the student.