New Textbooks for English Classes?


Jesus Garcia, Opinion Editor

During the first school semester at Chino High School, English classes were launching two new textbooks to see which one benefited the students more in order to choose the better textbook for the English classes next year.

One was a consumable book and the other was done online through chrome books that were provided for the classes that were taking a part of the textbook program. When using the consumable book, students were able to write in the book and keep the book with them at all times. The students began reading one of three stories about ancient warriors and once they finished reading they were to answer the following activities that came after the story.

If some students forgot to bring their book they still had the ability to do the work as long as they had their phone that was able to download an app called BouncePages. Using this app students were able to take a photo of a peers book page and either read the text from their phone or listen to it. This app came in handy when students had to read Beowulf, instead of reading the text for a long time students were able to listen to the long story.

While using the consumable textbooks was proving beneficial, students still preferred the online version of the book because not only were students able to use the chrome books to type out their work faster but they also had access to their online work outside of class using the app StudySync, which allowed them to finish any work that they didn’t finish in class on their phones. On StudySync students were able to do reading and assignments online faster and more efficiently. Through StudySync students had five categories of assignments Sync Tv, Blast, Reading, Writing, and Skill.

From trying out these two different types of textbooks students liked the online one. “I liked the online computer one”, said Senior, Jonathan Balladres.