Relaxation Wednesday Helps Cowboys with Stress


Leslie Espinoza, Managing Editor


On January the 2nd , Felicia Ambroja started a session at lunch in the Gym called Relaxation Wednesday where people are welcomed to do yoga to release stress.

“I’ve been teaching yoga for thirteen years and I know the benefits of relaxation and I know the limitations in the high school level of trying to teach yoga and the time constrains and the stress that teenagers are experiencing”, said Ambroja.

Ambroja hosts Relaxation Wednesday at lunch in the Gym where everyone is welcomed and feels happy knowing people enjoy the sessions. Teachers, students and even athletes come to experience and feels rewarding to her.

She saw many students dealing with stress from school and family and saw a lot of adulthood activity stress that they shouldn’t be experiencing including bullying.  She wants them to go the sessions for at least 15 minutes to overcome their stress because she’s seen the benefits in the adults in where she teaches.

She wanted students who weren’t in yoga to be part of and experience meditation or relaxation even for at least 15 minutes, so she decided to do something about it and made Relaxation Wednesday which is a joy for everyone.

“If you learn early on especially in the second, third or fourth grade about breathing that will help you a lot through Junior high and high school and I’m so happy for the students who have learned and experienced it”, said Ambroja.