Freshman Stay Committed to Graduate

Yareli Gomez, Editor-in-chief

Last Wednesday, Link Crew held an event called “Commitment to Graduate” for the Freshman in the gym during 3rd and 4th period to keep the Freshman committed to graduate.

This event is to keep the Freshman committed to graduate and have good grades. Principle, John Miller, gave a great speech to the Freshman where he let them know that they are eligible to graduate and encourage them to do their best in school.

“This event made me more committed to graduate because of the way it was hosted and the way the Link Crew leaders made me feel welcomed,” said Ashley Arredordo. “It was more of an education activity than a fun activity.”

The Link Crew leaders took their group of Freshman to take them to different stations during the time of the event, where they learned about the clubs they can join, and the things they are capable of doing throughout high school.

At the first station they listened to Senior motivational speakers. At the second station, they signed a Commitment to Graduate poster and filled in mini-diploma. The third station, features counselors giving advice to the Freshman.

At the fourth station, students chanted along with the cheer leaders, while at the fifth station, the freshman wrote a letter to their future self that they will be getting back their Senior year. Finally, at the last station, they spoke with their Link leader clubs they would be interested in joining.