December’s Student of the Month


Taylor Sanchez

The student of the month ceremony was held at lunch in the MPR on Friday, December 7th to recognize students for their achievements in class, the students were given awards and food as, Hatch handed their awards out.

December’s student of the month ceremony was filled with many students and teachers from all around campus. The teachers that attended the ceremony were Kochert, the ceramics teacher to Mr. Inglima the P.E. teachers, and many more who had their own students of the month getting recognized for their achievements.

Handing out the awards was Hatch as the teachers and students watched and enjoyed their pizza. The ceremony was filled with applause from the students and teachers watching as Hatch recognized each student as to why they got the award and from the teacher that felt they deserved the award.

The student of the month award and ceremony of December was a success in recognizing the students of the past month for their achievements.