Top 10 Benefits of Playing Sports

Rachel Riddle, News Editor

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Playing sports can help us feel healthier and mentally strong. Also, they’re are a great way to relieve stress and have fun with friends and family. 

If you are considering playing a sport, keep the next 10 benefits in mind. 

1. Better Sleep

Going outside and running around for a hour or two will ensure a good night’s sleep. 

2. A Stronger Heart

Your heart is a muscle, which needs exercise to keep it healthy. A stronger heart can improve overall health of the body. 

3. New Connections

Playing team sports offer a new way to meet others. You can make life long friends. 

4.Improved Lung Function  

Lung capacity during sports increase, improving lung function and efficiency by sports causing more oxygen to be drawn into the body while carbon monoxide and waste gas expel. 

5.Increasing confidence  

Training frequently and working out can help build your confidence. 

6.Reduces Stress 

Playing sports takes your mind from daily stress, like school work. 

7. Good Mental Health

Playing sports can boost mental health, improving your mood, sense of wellbeing, anxiety, and depression. 

8.Builds Leaders  

Sports enable people to develop a ‘team mindset’, whether it’s winning, losing, or training as a team. 

9.Develop Stronger Relationships 

Sports enable you to build better relationships with people. This is good for bonding with a colleague which then can help your career. 

10.Healthy Development of a Child  

Sports develop stronger muscles and bones leading to a smaller chance of injury. 

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