Cowboys Lasso Purcell Once Again!


Leslie Espinoza

Anna Fierro Purcell came back to Chino High School this year as the assistant principal, before she was a counselor here at Chino. 

Purcell is a Latina who was born in Azusa, California. She soon moved to Chino, California once she got married at the age of 27. 

One thing she’s good at or as what she hopes people agree with her on is that she’s a good cook. She stated that she has been cooking over the years, she has improved a lot of course. 

In the year 2000 she became a high school counselor who soon went on to work as a manager in a department store. She later worked as a counselor at Buena Vista High for a few years and she says that she loved it because kids would seek for help and were determined to have better grades. 

Purcell got a notice that there was an opening spot at Chino High School and she decided to take it because she missed Chino High. Since she’s familiar with the school, she knows most of the staff members. 

One thing that Purcell thinks needs improvement in Chino High is new courses. She’s planning on new courses in Math, English, Science etc. including R.O.P classes to introduce in Spring because she wants to have classes that are more interesting to students. 

As of this year, she has been to many meetings about the new school making her busy and not always around campus, but she looks forward to another year and loves Chino’s staff and students.