Chino’s Local Community Church Food Drive


Leslie Espinoza

The church, Our Lady of Guadalupe had a food drive at the city of Chino on the 10th of November and they did so by collecting canned food from local houses to feed the homeless on Thanksgiving Day. 

The church was collecting food over the weekend to feed the homeless or families who are struggling with money and cannot buy enough food for thanksgiving. They were successfully delivered last week and were a few boxes leftover that will be delivered later this December to people in need.

Maria Rodriguez, a catechist who attends Our Lady of Guadalupe explained what the reason was for this food drive began. She said, “to help the youth be involved in actually doing something for others…there are families who don’t have enough money to have the food that others have…”

Since 2016 the church has been giving families food for Thanksgiving to various areas as far as  La Puente. Maria shared how she helped a family that she was aware of, she said, ”I was aware of a family who lived in La Puente and they delivered food all the way over there.”

Volunteers helped collect food from houses in Chino  and almost every kind of food was collected. Cereal boxes, juice, beans, ketchup, and much more.

The volunteers would put food that was donated into a medium sized box and called them Thanksgiving baskets . They made sure that food would be delivered on November 19th in time for Thanksgiving.

Next year if you would like to help feed the people in need you can do so by going to the church, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and turn in any boxes of food or canned food in the church’s office. You will make a big difference to the people in need and you will be recognized for the work you’ve done.