Twenty One Pilots’ Bandito Tour Ends


Ashlee Vasquez, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Twenty One Pilots rocked venues across the nation amidst their tour titled “The Bandito Tour” in light of their latest album “Trench.”  

The alternative-rock group reappeared after a roughly year-long hiatus with the announcement of a new album and tour that would kick off mid-October in Nashville. The tour came to a close last Wednesday in Kansas City at the Sprint Center. 

Although their set-list was mostly comprised of songs off of “Trench,” such as “Jumpsuit” and “Levitate,” they also performed covers including “Iris,” whose original artist is The Goo Goo Dolls, as well as The Beatles’ “Hey Jude.” 

Mrs. Morris, one of Chino High School’s very own biology teachers, is known around campus for having a great appreciation for the group. She has attended a concert in the past and was able to experience an additional one on the night of November 10th at The Forum in Inglewood. 

“When he walked over to second stage on the sky bridge singing ‘Pet Cheetah,’” was Morris’ favorite part of the show. She has been a fan of the group for four years and plans on seeing them again sometime soon.