Halloween Returns With an Intent to Thrill

Leslie Espinoza

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The reboot of one of the most loved and well known fictional serial killer, Michael Myers in “Halloween” 2018 film and also a direct sequel of the 1978 film has released on October 19th, 2018. Directed by David Gordon Green and written by Green, Jeff Bradly, and Danny McBride. 

This Halloween movie was not just scary but funny as well. Some didn’t like the movie because the characters made some idiotic choices and the characters didn’t really do anything, but run around, hide and try to be smart. I personally found this movie very entertaining but it didn’t have the same thrill feeling as the 1978 film. It was more giggles than fear. 

I asked one of my classmates, Ethan Casasola for his opinion and he said that the storyline was planned out perfectly. I asked another question on if he believes Michael Myers would appear again as some viewers argued that he would because the movie creators are making a lot of money off of it and he answered, “Yes, he would appear again. The boogeyman can’t die.” 

Ethan did enjoy the movie as most did as well. “I found this to be the best Halloween film since the original.”, he said. 

I asked another classmate, Gabriel Espinoza his opinion on the trailer since he hasn’t watched the movie. He thought the movie wouldn’t be so great as the others. He said, “This story shouldn’t have gone that path. The trailer makes the movie look as if it’s going to be terrible or they just didn’t make the trailer enough interesting.” 

Another opinion I asked from Gabriel is if he liked the mask because viewers were discussing that the older masks of Michael were better than the 2018 film. He disliked the new mask and preferred the old one. 

Overall, I found this movie not to be the greatest but not the worst. I enjoyed it, but it should’ve have been more brutal deaths then simply trying to stab someone. I was laughing more than gasping and I was quick to criticize the characters choices as well. 

I would like to admit the death scene of the little boy who wanted to learn to dance was great since most horror movies don’t involve kids strangled to death. Horror movies would rather leave teenagers and adults dying so the movie wouldn’t be so gruesome. 

If there were to be another Halloween movie or a movie featuring Michael Myers that would come out soon, I would definitely watch it. I would recommend others to watch it as well since Michael Myers storyline is very interesting including the characters involved in the movie as well too. The Halloween movies are worth watching. 


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