Chino vs Ontario: Last Game of the Season


Marlene Guerrero, Sports Editor


Chino took the 61-48 win last Friday against the Ontario Jaguars in their last game of the season at Ontario High School.  

The Cowboys came into Friday’s game with momentum from a previous 26-6 win against Montclair.  

Friday’s game was close the whole night. It was a battle of the offense, whenever Ontario would strike with a touchdown, Chino would reciprocate. At halftime Ontario led 25-13. 

The second half of the game was when Chino locked in dominance that led to the win. The Cowboys scored 27 in the 3rd quarter.  

The highlight of the matchup came towards the end of the 4th quarter. Quarterback Trey Harris connected with wide receiver Timmy Gordon for a 76-yard pass. After a fumble by Ontario, Chino recovered the ball after the ensuing kickoff in the end zone leading to another touchdown. 

“Absolute best way for a regular season game to end” said Kevin Sells, Athletic Trainer.  

With the Friday night victory, Chino ended their season off at 3-7 without a chance for a CIF appearance.