A Disappointing Milkcan?

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A Disappointing Milkcan?

Taylor Sanchez

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This past Friday night was the 39th annual Milkcan game, the most hyped-up and exciting football game of the year. This year’s Milkcan was very different than previous ones for many reasons, including Chino High forfeiting, which left many dissatisfied and distraught. 

On Friday, Don Lugo took home the Milkcan for the third year in a row, but this year “was a blowout” said many in the stands. Fans were very surprised at the game that was played, one fan the Lariat interviewed before the game said,” I think the games going to be a close one,” but he was shocked like many others. 

Chino struggled from the start and could not get a first down, which led to Lugo scoring within the first three minutes of the game. Chino’s two quarterbacks threw multiple interceptions throughout the game, leading  to a number of turnovers.  


The game ended during 2nd quarter with 1:57 to go on the clock with Chino forfeiting. Many fans thought they forfeited because they were losing 35-0, however, the Lariat interviewed one player after the game and said, “people think the team forfeited but Mr. Miller is the one that called it, it wasn’t our decision.” Forfeiting upset spectators Cowboy fans, and some said they wanted a refund.

One senior told The Lariat, “It’s sad to know we lost our senior year Milkcan.” He went on to say that many cried a little after the game and were disappointed in themselves.  

The Milkcan, which started in 1980 sees the Chino Cowboys take on crosstown rivals the Don Lugo Conquistadors. The game became annual and the most exciting game every year in Chino for the last 39 years with Chino having 24 wins and Lugo now having 15 Milkcan wins.

Chino’s record is1-7-0, and now must wait a year for the next Milkcan. Chino High plays against Montclair High School this Thursday. 

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