Rox program at Chino High

Maya Cuevas-Molina

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Rox is a program for all girls that invites them to find themselves and find their voice, the Rox program spread throughout high schools in the united states to ensure that girls can become empowered to be independent and strong; on October 11th, Rox is hosting an event at lunch in the quad calling all girls to help support national girl’s day. 

This program began at the university of Ohio state, it was a research study that became a program founded in 2006. The study showed that young teens have had a decrease in self confidence, Rox brings everything a girl needs to be independent.

Rox  has boosted teens self esteems and a bring of confidence and self control not only in abusive relationships but of being bullied. In the spring there will be days where Rox can help young girls protect themselves. Come and join today, make new friends have fun!

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