College Fair


Sofia Vallejo

To help seniors choose their dream college, Chino High School hosted a college fair October 1st in the gym.

The college fair was created for all high schools in the Chino Valley Unified School District. Many colleges such as UCLA and USC and branches of military attended and set up booths of information and answered questions provided by students.

The gym was flooded by students and parents wondering about admission qualifications, financial aid, and which college would be the best for them. Lauren Melgar, a student at Chino High School, went to the College Fair and found her dream college, California Lutheran University, and is ready for a successful college experience.

Seniors are being drowned in applications, steps to get financial aid, and deadlines. Being a senior is stressful as it is, but the college fair alleviates that stress and helps find the best college for them. If seniors did not go to the College Fair, they can easily find the information on universities’ websites, or go to the counseling office and use the resources there to get information.