CSF Applications Due!


Marlene Guerrero, Sports Editor

Mark your calendars Cowboys! October 12th is the deadline for the California Scholarship Federation Applications for Spring 2018.  

California Scholarship Federation is a non-profit organization to acknowledge academic success for high school and middle school students residing in California since its establishment in 1921.  

CSF aims to encourage and reward academic success in its members. To become a member students must submit an application with their previous semester report card grades. Criteria includes having a minimum of 10 points with no D’s or F’s during that semester. See application for further details.  

Membership last for one semester and students must reapply the following semester. Seniors who have qualified for four semesters of membership during their 10th-12th grade year including once during Senior year become lifetime members known as Sealbearers.  

Sealbearers are recognized with a golden tassel and golden cords to wear at graduation, a CSF lamp pin, Gold Seal on diploma, and Life member notation on school transcript.