Senior SAT’s

Araceli Arias

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Seniors who are planning to go to college will be taking the SAT on October 10 at Chino High School.  

 Most colleges require or recommend taking the SAT, while some do not let you apply without them. Getting high a score on the SAT also helps students increase the chance of getting enrolled. If a student does well on your SAT, colleges will notice. 

 Colleges also use scores to determine whether or not a student is ready to attend their school. It helps the university determine what classes students will be placed in.  

 Registration for the SAT is available online on the college board website. 

The SAT alone costs $47.50, whereas the SAT with essay is $64.50. It is important to register before the deadline because a deadline fee of $29 will be applied. 

 Students should apply for a fee waiver if one qualifies. Fee waivers will cover two SAT’s with or without the essay, six free SAT subject tests, and two free question and answer service reports.  

 “The fee waiver gave me a free test,” said Yahaira Molina, a Chino High student who registered to take the SAT. School counselors can help students get a fee waiver. 


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