Chino Vs. Lugo Girl’s Tennis!


Ximena Padilla, Opinion Editor

After five years, Don Lugo High School once again became a part of Chino High School’s league and kicked off the battle for the Milk Gallon, home, on Sept. 25 when Chino High Girl’s Tennis took on Lugo.  

This rivalry was highly anticipated by Chino’s varsity tennis team, which celebrating their 12-6 victory.  

Players and coaches were all fearfully watching every match, Coach Hinkle said, “We started out very slow against Don Lugo, but our team got stronger through every play and we won some critical matches.”  

Although Don Lugo put up a constant fight, Chino Cowgirls were able to soar through and beat the odds. Singles player Dolores Perez said, “It was hard to keep my confidence, but I maintained a positive attitude for my team.”  

With the win, Chino High School is still the holder of the Milk Gallon and is satisfied with the tough matches they overran.