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Cowboys vs Mustangs

Roxy Moreno, Features Editor

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On Friday, January 27, Chino High’s Varsity Basketball team was defeated by Walnut High’s Mustangs by a score of 48-46 and there was also Chino Cowgirls Varsity game before that. There was also a choir performance before and in half-time of both games.

Before both games began, choir sung the National Anthem. The choir performance was amazing, with all the voices in tune. After they sung the National Anthem, everyone cheered for them. During half-time, Choir sung a song from Part of Their Fall.  Choir had done a simple little dance to go with the song from Part of Their Fall.

While the Cowboy’s score was down by two, Chino High’s Cowgirls suffered a major defeat by Walnut’s Lady Mustangs with a huge gap. The score for Chino’s Cowgirls Varsity team against Walnut’s Lady Mustangs was 66-36.

At 4:45PM, the Girls Varsity Basketball game began. It started off with both sides just trying to figure out what their opponent was doing and trying to block their shots so that they would not make any points. After halftime, It seemed that Chino’s Cowgirls were getting predictable, so the opposing team was able to get the ball back and score more points and block Chino from making any points.

There were a couple shoves and elbows flying. Some of the girls seem to get a little vicious. When Walnut had the ball, they were able to spot weak points in Chinos defense and slip right through. Chinos defense was all falling apart by the end of the game, it was very noticeable that Chino was getting clumsy and not paying any attention to what they were doing. It seemed as if all they were trying to do was get the ball away from Walnut. Both teams were able to shoot a couple balls into the hoop before their opponent took the ball away.  Which caused them to lose the game with a score of 66-36.

At 6:30PM, the Boys Varsity Basketball game began. It started off with both opponents trying to get the ball. Each grappling to make the first point while also trying to block their opponents from getting their hands on the ball. The boys were a little more strategic than the girls but they were still all over the place.

The boys were successful in blocking their opponent most of the time, which kept them at an almost even score. Chino Cowboys seemed to have put in more effort than the Chino Cowgirls. Both teams tried their best and still lost. For the guys it was a two-point difference, but for the girls it was a thirty-point difference.

The basketball games were good but lacking in certain areas, such as their defense and sometimes their offense. Walnut was extremely talented, so there is nothing else to say about them except that Chino was unprepared for their match and should try to be more prepared next time.


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Cowboys vs Mustangs